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Norway Beach 20 tons of fish deaths caused by collective fears end

2012.01.17 Tue


According to foreign reports, recently, the Norwegian people in the country, found on a beach north of tons of dead fish, and a total of 20 tons of lead on the "doomsday" speculation concerns. But experts have different views that the tons of these dead fish appeared on the beach, is due to catch up by other fish or weather factors.

According to reports, 44-year-old Norwegian man Jorgensen (Jan-Petter Jorgensen) walk the dog on the beach recently, accidentally discovered the groups of dead fish on the beach, has smelly. It is estimated that these fish weigh 20 tons, dense pile together.

Jorgensen said: "People say (20th century) 80 years have experienced similar things, perhaps the fish trapped in the anoxic environment, due to death in fresh water?" Reports that, no doubt to believe that this incident " Mayan prophecy "refers to 2012, the" doomsday "people to add a" fire. "

Experts feel that the fish are predatory fish arrived by tides, the tide within the band trapped in the beach, and eventually death.

There are arguments that these fish are in the recent storm was brought ashore in, or is that the fish are fresh water flowing into the Gulf of impact, trapped in shallow waters.

Marine research institutions, a researcher said that many factors may cause a large number of fish killed. The researchers said that he hoped the death of these fish to test, test whether they are likely to die from a disease.

Reported that on Sunday (January 1, 2012), a small town in Arkansas in the United States, also occurred in the animal mass deaths. Mysterious about 200 starling fell to the ground, the collective death. Official present that these birds are the New Year fireworks discharge intimidated people lose direction. It is reported that after the New Year last year, has also undergone a starling collective deaths.

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